It seems that there are more and more fans following Lee Min Ho, especially in China, where his Weibo social media account now has over 27 million followers. His adoring fans even seriously affected his recent commercial shooting.

On April 18, Lee Min Ho was shooting a commercial in Xiamen, China. According to reports, the number of spectators grew so much to get a glimpse of the famous actor that it became a safety concern. There were reportedly over a thousand fans, and some of them repeatedly rushed towards the set. The local Chinese police was worried that they wouldn't be able to contain the fans.

The production team decided to evade the fans by switching to another location nearby, as the shooting was on a tight schedule and was going to move on to Hanzhou the next day. According to an associate from the actor’s agency Starhaus, they were surprised that so many fans found the shooting's location and came. “We had to stop filming due to the huge crowd, so we had an emergency meeting. We were able to successfully finish shooting with the production staff’s quick delivery and the cooperation from the fans.”

Our perfect man Lee Min Ho never lost his cool, however, A staff member who worked on the shoot later said, “It was all crazy but Lee Min Ho never lost his smile and calm. Everyone was touched by his ability to focus despite the distractions. A young child ran up from the crowd to him and others tried to restrain her, but he approached her first and gave her a hand.”

Lee Min Ho's agency, Starhaus, released the following stills to give us a preview of the upcoming commercial.

Despite this kind of shooting difficulties, Chinese brands clamor for Lee Min Ho's endorsement because of his star power. He was recently voted the top Asian Nanshen (male god) by millions of voters who participated in online voting.

Can you tell which product or service the commercial is for?

I do like seeing him in the light blue top. 

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