We are about to show you the newest and cutest commercial we've seen from Lee Min Ho, and we've even got the scoop on his favorite cake. We've heard it before: Lee Min Ho visits a country, causes commotion at the airport, and fans chase him everywhere. Poor Lee Min Ho! He even admitted to an interviewer that he was hungry when traveling to Taiwan on September 10. On the other hand, he was sitting in a comfortable pink massage chair that he was paid handsomely to promote.

The ad praises the massage chair's perfectly powerful features in giving you a full-body massage, and it calls the chair "Xiao Tian Hou" for "Little Heavenly Queen." It is in Chinese, but I think you'll get the idea once you see Lee Min Ho.

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Doesn't he look cute with the pink bow tie?

As you see, the chair is from OSIM, which says it makes the world's "most innovative massage chairs," according to its website. Lee Min Ho held a special fan-meet for 600 fans who purchased US$2,000 of OSIM products. Among these fans, only 5 lucky ones got to meet him on stage, hug him, play games with him, and even got fed mango shaved ice by him. These happy fans were so excited but shy that they almost left the stage too soon and had to be called back by Lee Min Ho himself to take photos with him.

Back to Lee Min Ho's hungry stomach...I guess we don't really have to feel bad for him because the event organizers prepared such famous Taiwanese delicacies as braised pork rice, beef noodles, and roast goose. Also, did you know that Lee Min Ho stayed in the hotel's Presidential suite that came with a Korean-speaking personal concierge? The sheets, pillowcases, and his bathrobe were all embroidered with his initials--everything to match the stature of a prince of romance.

Here's the scoop that we promised:

The hotel was asked to prepare a PINK cake, specifically made for Lee Min Ho.