Well, isn't this extremely interesting and fun "news." According to a report last month by The Philippine PrideLee Min Ho is supposedly totally "obsessed" with a female hotel employee that he met while in Boracay! 

According to the report, LMH was only supposed to stay in Boracay for 3 nights, but because he was just so smitten by this mystery girl, he decided to stay an extra week. The report, which also spelled his name wrong as "Lee Min Hoo," also claimed he said the following: "I just want to see her and check what she's been doing. You know I always have scary thoughts and I'm jealous for nothing. I think I'm possessed."

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The girl's name has not been revealed, so I'll just identify her as "F" for fiction! This story is totally false in every way possible, but I've noticed it starting to circulate around Twitter recently, so I wanted to bring it to your attention. The Philippine Pride may appear as a real site, but it's actually a satirical site similar to The Onion which purposely creates untrue and elaborate stories for humor and entertainment purposes only. 

This story about Lee Min Ho is not real, so don't go crying in a corner thinking you've lost your Min Ho to some random hotel girl and spaz out over it on social media. The site even went as far as to show a photo of "F" on the beach with LMH, which was totally hilarious because the photo is clearly from Heirs!

So again, if you see an article about Lee Min Ho being obsessed with a girl from Boracay pop up on one of your social feeds, just ignore it because it's not real. However, that would totally make an awesome drama storyline don't you think?

Have you seen this fake story of LMH recently?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE