Lee Min Ho's many fans in China love him, but some (a lot of) these fans are so crazy that they would even do illegal things to be close to him.

When Lee Min Ho recently visited Shanghai, he received a welcome from thousands of fans befitting his super-idol stature. The video shows the crowd waiting for him, and you can practically feel their excitement jump out of the screen. But even crazier are some of their antics listed here.

Fans were able to find out his exact itinerary including his flight number, which hotel he was going to stay at, and even which VIP floor his room was on. Someone even posted his luggage tag information. Whenever these extreme Chinese fans found out something, they would show off by posting it online, such as on their accounts at Weibo, China's Twitter-like microblogging services.

The fans followed him in many cars and mobbed him everywhere he went. Reportedly, he ended up eating boxed lunches in the hotel because otherwise he would cause traffic jams if he went outside. I'm sure Shanghai's traffic cops appreciated his kind consideration.

Not satisfied with just looking at Lee Min Ho, someone even smuggled out a receipt of Lee Min Ho's breakfast in a hotel restaurant. Once it was posted online, fans were amazed at the high price he paid for breakfast at 563 yuans, or almost US $100. Of course they got the photo of him at the restaurant too.

All of these antics are really quite intrusive of Lee Min Ho's privacy. Apparently Chinese fans are not just crazy, they would even commit illegal acts. In a previous visit, an airport employee took a photo of LMH's passport and posted it online. (This should be illegal, but China will probably have to build a huge prison for LMH's fans alone.)

Poor Lee Min Ho. I don't know how he stays so friendly and smiling, but I'm sure there's a fan ready to give him some private shelter somewhere anytime he wants some quiet time.