Lee Min Ho has found a new way to entice us. We have a new ad from Orion Choco Pie starring Prince Charming himself who tells us his favorite sweets will melt instantly in the mouth. (Caution: If you have weakness for chocolates or sweet-talking guys, you might want to think twice before you enter!)

You will hear the word 'Q Di' which is the phonetic expression for 'Cutie' in Chinese.

Glad that they used Lee Min Ho's own sweet voice to say the last line: "Multi-layered charm, Cutiei"

Does 'Multi-layered Charmer' describe Lee Min Ho or the chocolate sweets? (I'll take both.)

What do you think about the chocolate frosting leaving a shimmer on his lips?  

I recall that Lee Min Ho drank so much Honey Pomelo Tea when filming the Tenwow Tea  commercial that he admitted to going to the restroom a lot. Here, he looks like he really ate the Q Di choco pie, too. Such is the hard work he has to do to satiate our appetite for him choco pies.