There is a huge buzz going on among Lee Min Ho's fans because he just showed up at the Incheon International Airport in Korea on March 10, dressed in an outfit that's never been seen on him before. So where is he going and why? Fans are also having fun creating fun images using his new getup. Check them out!

From the moment Lee Mn Ho stepped out of the car at the Incheon airport, cameras went clicking and fans went abuzz, because he was wearing a never-before-seen outfit that is particularly eye-catching. 

Apparently Lee Min Ho is flying out to Paris, fashion capital of Europe, and shooting a pictorial for a couture brand. Intrepid fans checked out his fashionable outfit and decided he is clothed in Dior's new 2015 fashion.

His adoring fans couldn't help but immediately relate his yellow-and-deep-blue stripes to those of the cute bumble bee, and almost immediately came out with some hilarious fan-made images based on his airport photos.

Lee Min Ho looks good in any surroundings. (Check out his recent fun photos clothed in Eider sportswear.) I'm sure the new pictorial will be awesome, but I also hope he'll get to spend some time enjoying the sights at the City of the Lights.

~ NancyZdramaland

(photo credits: Dispatch, Dior, Twitter, or as tagged)