According to some media reports, Lee Min Ho's agency revealed that Lee Min Ho is currently in graduate school. How does this busy and beloved Hallyu star find the time to go back to school? And what is the reason for his representative to discuss his studies? Let's hope he's getting all As.

Reportedly a representative from Starhaus, Lee Min Ho's agency, said on March 16 that Lee Min Ho  has applied for postponement for his military service. Therefore, it is expected that he won't be entering the required military service for another year. 

What's unusual is what the representative gave has Lee Min Ho's reason for postponing the military service: Lee Min Ho is currently still studying in graduate school. 

We see Lee Min Ho come and go from airports, visiting fan meets, fulfilling his endorsement contracts in ads and commercials, and more. He recently went to Paris for a pictorial that caught fans' attention for his airport fashion. So how is this busy star finding the time to study? Maybe via online classes? The rep did not specify whether he is in a Master's or PhD program or what his major is. We certainly hope he is getting good grades.

This is good news for the fans, as we previously reported that Lee Min Ho wants to do a new drama in the second half of this year, and I also predicted that he's not entering the military service in 2015. Of course, the representative also emphasized that, "Although the date is not determined yet, if there is a need by the country, he will be obliged to serve."

See Lee Min Ho as a student in the series Heirs:

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