Will he or won't he? Although there are usually strict limits and restrictions on what questions you can ask a Korean star, Lee Min Ho was quite open and candid in answering questions in this interview, even the ones considered 'sensitive,' such as questions about nude scenes. We have the highlights from his recent interview with Sina News of China, where Lee was asked many probing questions. At the end, there was even a fun Q&A with fans. We have the translations to go along with the video. Let's get started!

There are two ways to understand the interview. You can read the translation in this article, or you can follow the video by going to the minute mark that's indicated at the beginning of the questions.

Here's the highlights video of the Sina interview conducted in Chinese. It took place in March 2014, right before Lee Min Ho started filming for Gangnam Blues.

(To help you move along with the video, I will list the time of the video at the beginning of each question.)

Sina: First, we would like to thank Lee Min Ho for this exclusive interview.

LMH: Thank you. (laughs) I will do my best to give a fun and candid interview.

00:23 - You've been spending at least half of your time in China or traveling to China. Do you have plans to film in China?

LMH: I've said it before that I really would like to film in China. I am looking at scripts from both Korea and China now. To me, acting is without borders. As long as the script interests me with an attractive role, I will be willing to take on the challenge.

00:35 - What can you tell us about your new film, Gangnam Blues?

LMH: It's a story about a man chasing his dreams during the time when Gangnam started developing.

(Further asked about the action scenes in the film)

LMH: This film will have the most extreme fighting scenes. City Hunter used props to show very cool action scenes. Gangnam Blues will emphasize realistic action and fighting, and it will look more bloody and powerful.

(Here comes the shocker! Sina's interviewer later admitted that she took a chance by asking the following question. She was actually stunned that Lee Min Ho answered it.)

01:11 - There were topless scenes for you in City Hunter and Heirs. Will you stay away from nude scenes? Can you accept even more revealing scenes?

LMH: More revealing? You mean showing the lower body? (long laughs, looking a bit shy, almost blushing)

LMH: (not in video) If the project requires showing a fit physique, as long as there is sufficient time to prepare, I will work on improving my fitness to reveal appropriately.

LMH: Because I am a male actor, I don't have as much burden as an actress does about showing the body. Be it sex scenes or nude scenes, if it is fitting and required by the story, I will do it without any concern.

(He suffered a terrible car accident when he was with his friend and fellow actor, Jung Il Woo. Lee ended up staying in the hospital for a year. He says he can predict when rain is coming, just like a grandmother can. The accident set his career back a few years.)

01:47 - How were you affected by the serious car accident in 2006? Did you view life differently in the aftermath?

LMH: I was always a leftie growing up, but I used my right leg too. After the accident, I would use my left leg on most occasions. For many people, the age of 20 is when they first reach adulthood and it's a time full of ideals and dreams. But when I was 20, a lot of misfortune came along. I spent a year in the hospital and couldn't move, and I was forced to think a lot. The perception I formed at that time became the sustaining foundation for me to continue to quietly persist and never be self-satisfied.

02:49 - Hong Kong Chinese actor, Andy Lau, has stayed famous for over 20 years and is referred to as an 'Evergreen Tree' in the entertainment industry. Would you like to be an evergreen like him?

LMH: I saw his show on the plane. For twenty years, he has completed 5 projects every year and an album every year. He continues to work hard on many projects. After watching him, I wondered to myself, can I keep up the same passion for work year after year like he does? I had some doubts. After seeing his work, I've come to respect him very much. For the past few years, I've been continuing to work and perform, and to stay busy within my control. I hope to stay productive this way. If I can maintain this attitude and keep working for ten plus years, will I become an evergreen like Andy Lau? I really hope so, to be an actor worthy of respect.

04:33 A Minoz (Lee Min Ho fan) once said to you,'In the future, you will definitely thank the past and present you for diligently improving yourself.' What are your thoughts now?

LMH: Even if I feel tired, I will not give up so that I won't have any regrets in the future. I will work hard regardless of what I do so that I won't regret it later.

05:02 - Many of your fans came to see your arrival at the airport. They sang the song "Can't Help But Fall For You" (the Taiwanese Boys Over Flowers theme song that Lee sang on the Chinese Spring Gala on TV with singer and songwriter, Harlem Yu.) Too bad you left by the VIP exit and did not hear it. Do you have any regrets?

LMH: I was originally going to use the regular walkway. I wanted to greet the fans first before switching to the VIP exit. However, when I was halfway toward the regular walkway, I received an urgent notice asking me to use the VIP exit. I feel disappointed too that I did not get to see them. I am very sorry that you waited for such a long time.

05:21 - (He's asked about his huge crowds of fans and potential problems.)

LMH: I've wondered how early the fans have to arrive at the airport to wait for me, and with how high an expectation? Therefore, I try to be as close to them as possible to greet them. But, there are rules in the airport. I have to follow those rules for safety reasons. I have experienced these crowd many times. If I knew any of the fans fell, I would stop right away. Once I know they are safe and sound, I will then keep moving to avoid any incidents. This is what I would do, and I have seen fans getting injured previously. To avoid any fan injury, I will do what I can as much as possible.

06:57 - Chinese fans have given you many nicknames. We picked the three most representative: Da Meng (Big Cutie), Lee San Sui (Three-year old Lee), and Tui Ge (Long-legged Oppa). Which do you like the most?

LMH: They are all good nicknames and full of affection. I've heard 'Long-legged Oppa' the most. Many people call me 'Ge Ge' (Older brother). Even some people who are older than I am also call me 'Ge Ge' too. It's really funny.

07:34 - What is your ideal love and family?

LMH: I'm the kind who would fall for someone at first sight, and then develop an everlasting love. I wouldn't say anything even when I fall in love at first sight. I will observe for awhile before I declare my love. (Wonder how long is a while?)

LMH: When I get married, I will want a daughter. Sons are not so good. There are many sons around me who aren't good at showing their affection for their parents. I have an older sister and she is very good at taking care of my mom. Because I'm a guy, I'm not good at doing certain things. Luckily my mother isn't demanding. Even though I don't express it, she understands how I feel. That's good. I love my mom.

(He thinks he is a lousy dancer. Do you agree?)

08:49 - (Even a god can't dance. Lee was asked about his dancing skills and how he feels about dancing in his performances.)

LMH: Dancing? That's a big burden. I can't find (in live performance) the same feeling as when I practiced because I'm not good at dancing. I would forget the routines that I'm supposed to do and just dance casually.

(Say what?)

09:11 - There was a news report about a girl who likes you so much that she demanded her boyfriend to have plastic surgery to look like you. What do you think about it?

LMH: About that? Her own boyfriend? (laughs) I think everyone has his or her own charm, so I don't really think plastic surgery is necessary. It's better to explore and develop one's own personal charms.

09:47 - There are many girls who think like her. What would you tell the boyfriend or hubby of such a girl?

LMH: (laughs) Sorry, Wuo Ai Ni ('I love you' in Chinese). (more laughs)

(Here's another surprisingly candid answer. Lee Min Ho is keenly aware that his appearance is his strongest asset, and he's willing to admit it.)

10:01 - You are considered a 'Nan Shen' (a term describing a perfect man, or a god among men). How would you rank the criteria for 'Nan Shen?'

LMH: Number one requirement is probably looks. People look at the outer appearance first. Second is intelligence. A person's quality is affected by his wisdom and knowledge. Number 3 is the physical build. Number 4 is hard work. Number 5 is wealth.

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10:32 - Quick Q&A with Fans

10:32 - goodluv-spz: Your legs are so long. What's your secret?

LMH: Inherited genes. (laughs)

Yun: Oppa, if you are invited by Zhao Bengshan to star in Countryside Love 8, will you accept?

LMH: I haven't seen that show. I'll have to watch it first before I can decide.

ConNie-CHL: Not sure if you will see this, but I am still curious. Do you feel grumpy when you first wake up?

LMH: Yes, very much! (laughs)

Christie: Oppa, my mom says that I keep looking at you and will get too picky to find a boyfriend. So if I can't get married, you are entirely responsible!

LMH: (big laughs) Uh oh!

11:10 - A fortuneteller predicted that you'll have two sons within the next two years. What do you think about that?

LMH: Two years starting now? I'm in big trouble. Two sons? I want a daughter. Two sons! (He can't stop laughing...)

LMH: It's a bit difficult if it's two years starting now. I'll have to be doing something now.

11:38: If your children are taller than you, will you feel deficient?

LMH: I won't feel bad about the height, but if they are stronger, that will hurt my pride.

11:49 - Xiao-yan asks: Oppa if you were a fan and I was Lee Min Ho, and we had the opportunity to meet, what would you like to ask me? What would you do with me?

LMH: If I was LMH's fan? (laughs) Kidnapping. (laughs again) Kidnapping!

Yes, Oppa, I would kidnap you too!

(Interview translated by Nancy Z)