We've heard the term Nanshen (male god), but who really qualifies to be a male god? The 2015 Asian Nanshen (male gods) competition just announced the results on April 5. After 140 candidates in 5 rounds of voting with millions of voters, Hallyu star Lee Min Ho emerged the winner, edging out the #2 male god by only about 300 votes. The new Top 10 Asian male gods contain quite a few surprises. Find out where Kim Soo HyunJi Chang Wook, and others are placed.

First all, according to the competition, a Nanshen must possess the following qualities and features:

1. A fascinating and perfect face.

2. An enviable physique.

3. A warm and loving heart.

4. An outstanding talent that captivates the fans.

5. An inherent temperament befitting a male god.

Do you think our Top 10, especially the #1 winner, possess the perfect marks for these requirements? 

1. Lee Min Ho - South Korean actor and Hallyu star - 2,270,773 votes

2. Wallace Chung - Hong Kong singer-actor - 2,270,462 votes

3. Kim Jong Kook - South Korean singer, dancer, entertainer - 2,261,353 votes

4. Park Shi Hoo - South Korean actor - 2,259,691 votes

5. Kim Soo Hyun - South Korean singer-actor and Hallyu star- 2,258,844 votes

6. Li Yi Feng - Chinese singer-actor - 2,254,842 votes

7. Show Lo (Luo Chih Hsiang, nicknamed Xiao Zhu) - Taiwanese singer-actor - 2,249,778 votes

8. Ji Chang Wook - South Korean singer-actor - 2,212,862 votes

9. G-Dragon - South Korean singer, rapper, and leader of BIGBANG - 2,212,547 votes

10. Lu Han - Chinese singer-actor and former EXO member - 2,212,365 votes

As you see, the votes were really pretty tight. Lee Min Ho only edged out #2 Wallace Chung by about 300 votes. This is the second year for the competition, and Lee Min Ho won the first one too. Will he win again next year?

I was very pleasantly surprised to find Ji Chang Wook on the list. His stellar performance in Empress Ki and Healer has propelled his fame tremendously. On the other hand, it's also surprising to find Kim Soo Hyun at #5.

Which male god is your favorite? Are you surprised by the results?

You can see the competition winner Lee Min Ho in his movie Gangnam Blues, which will be available for DramaFever Premium members in the United States and Canada on April 18.Gangnam Blues is intended for mature audiences, and it contains adult content, drug use, graphic violence, nudity, profanity, and strong sexual content. You an sign up for a movie release alert HERE.

~ NancyZdramaland