Lee Min Ho is adored by millions of fans, and he's surrounded by fans and reporters who take photos and videos of him everywhere he goes. But guess what one of his favorite hobbies is! Either he's had it all along in secrecy, or he's just received a brand new holiday gift, but you'll see that Lee Min Ho loves taking photos with a selfie stick.

I have never seen Lee Min Ho using a selfie stick before, so I can't wait to share these photos that were taken by fans when Lee Min Ho appeared on stage to prepare for China's Dragon TV special for their New Year's Eve concert.

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Can there possibly anyone who doesn't adore him? Just look at his happy face. I can't help but smile when I see him.

The latest news is that Lee Min Ho will perform 2 songs, not just one. We previously reported on his singing the Chinese song "Marry Me Today" in a duet with the lovely Amber Kuo. It turns out he will also sing his own "Be My Last Love" in Korean.

Stay tuned for more news about Lee Min Ho.

Happy New Year! 

~ NancyZdramaland

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