What do you do when Lee Min Ho sings "Marry Me Today" to you? As soon as Lee Min Ho appeared, the needle moved up fast! The result is that Lee Min Ho is responsible for increasing Dragon TV's viewership by 1.7%, which translates to a whole lot of people in China. We have the videos of Lee Min Ho singing a duet with Amber Kuo as well as his solo of "Be My Last Love."

The crowd couldn't resist singing along with Lee Min Ho with these lyrics: "Today more than yesterday, tomorrow more than today, I will love you more and more every day."

The song "Marry Me Today" describes the happy feeling of two lovers who are marrying in the spring surrounded by flowers. It is a popular duet made famous by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tasi and the song's writer David Tao. Lee Min Ho started the song singing in Korean, then was joined by Amber to sing in Chinese together.

Watch Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook team up in the thrilling action romance Healer:

And now, here is Lee Min Ho singing "Be My Last Love."

Dragon TV reported a rise in viewership by 1.7% during Lee Min Ho's performance, and the Dragon TV show emerged as the leader among all the New Year's Eve specials in China. In a country of 1.4 billion people, even a one-percent rise means about 14 million more viewers, not including further viewership on mobile platforms. A representative of Dragon TV said the company will find out the precise viewership numbers next week.

In the meantime, did you say "Yes!" when Lee Min Ho asked you to "be his last love?"

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