Lee Min Ho is living the dream!

The Bounty Hunters actor broke Cosmopolitan Korea records in the 200th issue of the women's fashion magazine. 

Over the years, men have been paired with a female model or featured in a group on the cover of Cosmo but never has a male star graced the cover alone. The 29 year-old icon started a new trend by becoming the first guy to grace the cover solo. For his entire photo shoot, he looked like a runaway model wearing the latest trends that every man will be dying to get in his wardrobe this upcoming spring season. His dark jackets and slacks are accented by light-colored shirts with various designs on them. 

View more from his fashion-forward photo shoot below: 

Do you ever wonder if he is like any of the distinctive characters he plays in TV dramas or movies? In regards to his successful acting career, Lee Min Ho had this to say about his recent project: "It's accurate to say my real self is the combination of various characters. According to my mood, I fool around, and sometimes I get more mature than my age. Because I do have a playful side, I was able to act that out naturally by bringing it out."

His entertainment career will be put on hold for a little while, because he's expected to enlist in the military sometime this year. As we have seen in recent years, those two years of mandatory military duty go by so fast. Before you can miss Lee, he'll be back in another production entertaining us once again.

Congratulations to Lee Min Ho for being a trailblazer in Cosmo! 

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