Lee Min Ho took a short leave from Gangnam Blues and flew to Beijing for a fan meet on June 15th. He has always been very friendly and open with his adoring fans. Some lucky fans got to meet him on stage, ask him questions, and even hug him, but the best surprise this time was not about how crazy his fans were, or how friendly and affectionate he was, but what he said when he was asked a question about World Cup.

We fans of Lee Min Ho already know his Chinese fans are crazy for him. The sponsor of the event also knows how busy he is in filming Gangnam Blues. To make sure he was able to make it to the Beijing event, China's Tsingtao Beer charted a private plane to fly him to Bejing. The sum of the private plane and other event expenses to have Lee Min Ho exceeded 10 million in US dollars! But they know he's worth it!

At the YOU AND I - Meet Lee Min Ho - Thanksgiving Midsummer Night event held in the Beijing Capital Gymnasium, Lee Min Ho was very generously affectionate with his fans. Selected lucky fans got to go on stage and have their wishes fulfilled. At a fan's request, he patted her head and gently pinched her cheek. (Squeals in the audience.) Another fan wanted to hold his hands and stare into his eyes, and she got her wish too!

Of course the host had to come along and say 'Hao Le La! Hao Le La!,' which meant okay, that's enough.

Next, a cute little girl's dear wish was to touch and feel Lee Min Ho's heartbeat, and she got her wish! Lee Min Ho bent down and let her touch his upper left chest, where his heart resides.

Later she was asked whether Oppa's chest felt solid. She said, 'Yes.' Then she was asked, 'Does he have abs?' She said, 'Yes.' The audience roared in laughter.

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So, what else could Lee Min Ho do that could possibly surprise us? Well, here comes one big surprise.

How about a World Cup prediction?

(Say what? We would love it if he could take over our horoscope column.)

He was asked which team would win the World Cup!

Now, before you think a K-drama idol doesn't have any right to make that prediction, remember that Lee Min Ho grew up playing soccer, and he's always said that he would have become a soccer player had he not become an actor.

Lee Min Ho is predicting that Brazil will win.

This may totally upset his Japanese and Korean soccer fans since those two countries are competing in the World Cup too.

But of course, no one can really be upset with our perfect man.