One of the bad habits I have is that I often stay up at night when it's quiet and my mind is more clear for writing. But, late last night I discovered an unexpected benefit: I was awake when Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho opened his Instagram account for the first time. I can prove it because I took screenshots. It was so exciting, even though he only loaded one photo at that time. To a Minoz fan, it was sheer serendipity!

This is how his Instagram looked around 1 am Central Time on April 22. (Korea time would have been around 3 pm on April 22 as they are 14 hours ahead.) There were already more than 21,900 followers.

This was his first post, and I did the screenshot only 45 minutes after the photo was loaded. There were already almost 7,000 people who liked it. This selfie was taken from an interesting angle. You can see welcome greetings from fans. With a scowl, he wrote, "Because of fake accounts, I′m starting it too."

This afternoon, or about only 12 hours after he opened his account, he already has more than 219,000 followers. That's a tenfold growth.

Here's the second photo he posted:

The popular superstar has over 27 million followers to his Weibo social media account, over 16 for Facebook, and over 2.5 million for Twitter, so it's actually more of a surprise that he hasn't already had an Instagram account. I suppose there is a simple reason--He's been too busy! On the other hand, his real-life girlfriend Suzy is very good with Instagram and often posts photos. Maybe she gave him a lesson or two? Will we see them post photos back and forth? For now Lee Min Ho hasn't followed anyone yet.

In real life, Lee Min Ho's fans can't get enough of him and follow him everywhere. Therefore, Instagram had better be ready for a stampede of new users who will be opening accounts to follow Lee Min Ho!

How about you? Do you have an Instagram account and will you follow Lee Min Ho? HERE's where you can follow him.

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~ NancyZdramaland

(Photo credit: Lee Min Ho, Starhaus)