Actor Lee Min Ho is known for his close relationship with his fans. Not only is it said that he personally reads every piece of fan mail, but he is famous for caring deeply about their happiness. Case in point...after receiving a wedding invitation from a long time fan, Lee decided to go above and beyond to make her already special day...all the more special. Just what did he do to make this fan almost faint? Read onto find out!

For one lucky fan, her story of wedding bliss...and Lee Min Ho's part in it...all started back in 2015 during a fan signing event. The excited fan, who was at the time planning her wedding, decided to ask her favorite actor a very important question: When should she get married?

Faced with three choices (December, January, and March) Lee Min Ho decided on March as the month for the happy couple to tie the knot!

As the wedding date approached, the fan took it a step further and decided to invite Lee Min Ho to her wedding. 

Although he could not attend due to his schedule, Lee Min Ho took the time to send the newlyweds a giant flower wreath that read, “Please be happy and live well”.

It was reported that the bride almost fainted upon seeing the wreath! Who wouldn't?!

Many of Lee Min Ho fans were touched by his kind and thoughtful gesture stating, “That warm and polite message, it’s just like Lee Min Ho.” 

What do you think of Lee Min Ho's wedding gift? Let us know your thoughts below!


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