There is more and more pressure on Lee Min Ho to do a project, be it a movie or a drama. He previously announced that he would only do a drama by the end of 2015. But, this could change, as he was recently offered a Chinese movie. Will he do it? Let's check the signs!

I didn't mean to check the horoscope. I meant to check what his agency and the Hallyu star himself are signaling to the fans and inquiring minds. And when beautiful international star Zhang Ziyi calls you, do you let it go to voicemail?

During an interview in conjunction with his Yadea event in Tianjin, China on March 26, Lee Min Ho himself mentioned that he was looking at different projects and would like a Chinese project. He said he's been aggressively searching for a suitable Chinese project, and would seriously consider an offer.

It's been reported that Lee Min Ho recently received a personal call from China's internationally famous actress Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) to offer him a role in a movie with a unique story. It is tentatively named Eternal Doll and is based on a Korean novel by the same name.

His agency, Starhaus, confirmed the offer and said: “It’s true that Lee Min Ho received a call from Zhang Ziyi. He is continuing to monitor the project with interest. As it’s based on a Korean novel, he believes that there would be some significance in participating in the film.” Starhaus also cautioned, however, that he has not seen the script yet.

Eternal Doll is described as mystery thriller, and it sounds like a fusion of fantasy and period drama. The movie will be filmed in China, Korea, and Japan, and will command a 30 billion won budget. There is no mention of what role Lee Min Ho was offered. There is also no mention of whether it will be filmed in Chinese, in which case Lee Min Ho will probably be dubbed. (His Chinese is improving every time I hear him.)

Nothing is certain yet. This is just speculation so far.

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~ NancyZdramaland