It looks like Lee Min Ho is making the most of the end of summer by taking one last vacation to beautiful Rome, Italy. Over the last two days the actor has been sharing fun photos of himself strolling down the cobblestone streets and taking in the historic sights, all while looking incredibly handsome, of course!

Could anything be more romantic than Lee Min Ho in Italy, the capital of romance? I think not! Doesn't he look so dreamy next to the fairytale-like architecture? 

Looks like he made time to visit the incredible ancient Roman temple the Pantheon. The crazy thing is that I was just there two weeks ago! It's kind of killing me that I missed him!

Can you imagine just walking around the streets of Rome on vacation and turning the corner and seeing Lee Min Ho standing there? And then you accidentally trip and fall on him and your lips touch, or he grabs your wrist at the same time your boyfriend grabs your wrist and you have to decide who to choose...

Ok, maybe it's a good thing I didn't run into him, because clearly my imagination would have carried me away and I may still be stuck in a Roman jail on stalker charges.

But seriously, doesn't Rome look good on Lee Min Ho?

I hope he gets some well-deserved relaxation and comes back to us with a new drama soon! 

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