Lee Min Ho's adoring fans have always known their perfect man to be beautiful inside and out. Recently, the Hallyu superstar not only charmed the audience at a fan event, but he also donated clothing to raise funds for an elementary school in a poor Chinese area. Take a look at the fabulous photos and a very unusual video showing the power of the LG Styler electronic steamer in transforming a wrinkled old man into a handsome hunk who looks just like the Heirs actor.

The LG Styler Gala event was held in Guangzhou, China, on October 28. Lee Min Ho looked happy, gorgeous, and relaxed, wearing a stylish black jacket covered with what looked like a spider web or constellation design. His smiles could make anyone swoon.


The sum raised was 100,000 yuan, or almost US$16,000, for these collectible clothing items donated by Lee Min Ho.

All proceeds are donated to the Qinhuangdao Shuiquan Primary School, sponsored by the LG Hope Primary School initiative across China since 1999. With Lee Min Ho's help, impoverished students are getting much-needed assistance.

Minoz, isn't our perfect man beautiful on the inside and out?

So what is the LG Styler? 

It is an advanced electronic cleaning and steamer system. Here is a fun commercial showing how it works. 

Isn't it amazing that the wrinkles on the old man's face and all over his clothes disappeared?

(Of course, there is probably a disclaimer somewhere that your boyfriend or husband won't come out looking like Lee Min Ho.)

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