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Lee Min Ho took a beating while filming Gangnam Blues (also known as Gangnam 1970). The handsome star suffered several injuries during the filming of his latest period film. On January 6, Lee mentioned suffering for his career at the Gangnam Blues Red Carpet & Showcase. 

“I went to the emergency room during the mud action scene filming ," he explained. He responded to the director stating the actors had skin issues while filming in the mud.

After filming the mud scene over the course of a week, the Boys Over Flowers star discussed his toenail injury at the December press conference. "I did lose a toenail, but it wasn’t  a huge action scene. I couldn't film that day. Three days later, I resumed work by getting painkiller injections." 

Lee didn't want to make a big deal about his injuries because he expected some with the type of movie he was filming.

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“Since it is an action film, Lee Min Ho suffered large and small injuries. He not only injured his toenail but his hands, arms, and other areas," a film affiliate told Newsen.

The affiliate also revealed why Lee didn't go into detail about the ER visit. He was embarrassed to talk about the incident and preferred to keep it to himself. 

Do you think it's best for actors to keep their filming injuries out of the public eye? 

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