Lee Min Ho says, "I will never become narcissistic just because I'm handsome," in an in-depth feature in the Chinese magazine Cosmopolitan's March 2014 issue where he is interviewed at length. Keep reading for the translated Q&A where Le Min Ho describes his personality, the life he aspires to, and what he likes in a woman.

The people who have heaped the highest praise upon Lee Min Ho are his Minoz, a term used to describe his ardent fans. Lee Min Ho has shown a different side of himself in front of his fans. Instead of a serious workaholic, he is a funny boy who likes to joke. In a fan meeting in Shanghai, because there was one extra fan than the number of prepared gifts for the fans, Lee immediately took off his necklace and gave it to her. His kind consideration really impressed his fans.

To meet his Chinese fans, he has studied hard to learn Chinese and also to sing and dance. In every way, he has deeply touched his fans. This kind of "I love him, and he also loves me" feeling only comes about from true sincerity.

Cosmo: 2013 belonged to Heirs. As a participant in the drama, how do you view the effect of adulation from the million of viewers as a result of this show?

LMH: First of all, I feel this is a very fortunate event. There is a limited amount of work that I can do in one year. With this production, the year ended on a good note. I was really lucky to be able to work on such a popular drama.

Cosmo: As the most well-known long-legged Korean oppa, how do you take care of your long legs? Are they insured? (laughs)

LMH: Insurance? No, nothing. Haha! I was not tall at all in middle school. In classrooms, we were seated in order by our height, so I was always seated in the front or the middle. But when we got to high school, I started sitting in the back. That was when I started feeling I was tall. So normally I don't give any special treatment to my legs.

Cosmo: Are you someone who handles stress well? How do you persist during the most difficult times?

LMH: I don't do anything special to relieve stress. I'm the kind who can go to sleep and forget everything when I wake up. After a long sleep, I feel that my whole body is cleansed.

Cosmo: What is the biggest attraction about work for you?

LMH: Regardless of the type of work or acting job, I always feel a sense of duty. Because I feel I'm on a mission, I have a great desire to reach the best result or best harvest. If I'm feeling tired or run into problems, I push to devote myself to achieve the best outcome.

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Cosmo: Are there some details that you pay attention to in your clothing, such as a certain style?

LMH: I used to prefer one particular style of clothing, but I've started to open up and accept different styles, and want to try different clothes to give me different feelings.

Cosmo: How do you celebrate a very happy occasion, or vent during a specially frustrating time?

LMH: I don't think I do anything special. I don't really get overjoyed at a happy occasion. When I run into something very exhausting or depressing, I won't look very sad either. I don't display very extreme emotions either way.

Cosmo: What are the items you always carry with you?

LMH: Cell phone, car keys, wallet (laughter.) The wallet is necessary probably because there are too many bills to pay (laughter.) [What if you could only have one item?] If I have to choose only one item, that's difficult. Wallet, then!

Cosmo: If you were not an actor, what would you most want to be?

LMH: Probably a soccer player. I've enjoyed playing soccer since I was a kid.

Cosmo: How do you maintain your physique?

LMH: My fitness routine is to eat well and exercise well. I can't give up on good food, so I can't forget to exercise.

Cosmo: If it's possible, what would you still like to try in life?

LMH: It was too bad that I couldn't go to a ski resort last year. I really wanted to ski. If I have the time, maybe something like a musical, or something other than acting. I would like to try them all.

Cosmo: What food could you always eat? What dish do you cook the best?

LMH: I always like to eat meat, any kind of meat. I can eat meat and never get tired of it. As for cooking, probably the only thing I can make with some confidence is ramen? (laughter.)

Cosmo: What is the phrase that you would use to describe your current state?

LMH: Keep moving forward.

Cosmo: For the present you, what would be your ideal life?

LMH: For an ideal way of living, I think working consistently at a suitable level. Although I want to take a break sometimes or have a vacation, I think working continuously will make life feel more vivacious and energizing. So I think to keep working, but not feel tired, is the ideal life for me.

Cosmo: Which is more your style, to fall in love after knowing each other for a while or love at first sight?

LMH: I think I will first see if that person is compatible with me. That's a minimum requirement before I can have love at first sight.

Cosmo: How do you define happiness?

LMH: In some ways, happiness seems to grow with time. The longer we live, the more we can feel it. The present me can feel happiness because my work is acknowledged, well-liked, and brings hope to everyone. Also, meeting and communicating with the fans helps me feel encouragement from them. These are all ways to make me feel happy.

Cosmo: Can you accept any flaws in a man or a woman?

LMH: Basically, regardless of whether it's a man or a woman, I don't think it's good if there is no caring or tolerance.

Cosmo: What do you think a perfectly attractive woman is like? What kind of mysterious influence will she have on a man?

LMH: Cute, lovely. I like an open and cheerful girl. Even if I get tired and upset from work, she can make me happy just by being near me. I think this kind of girl is very attractive.

Cosmo: People use the words "fascinating" and "captivating" to describe a charming woman. What do you think are the characteristics in such a woman?

LMH: First of all, a woman who understands herself and cherishes herself will make people feel her magnetism. So a woman who is full of self-confidence under any circumstance will be charming.

Cosmo: What do you think is the most important aspect that a man should cultivate in himself?

LMH: The number one requirement is keeping promises. Whatever he promises, he must achieve it. He will, in his own way, protect and take good care of those who are important to him.

Cosmo: Are you dedicated to one love?

LMH: My personality is the kind that I have to persevere in whatever I love. For example, if I like a song, I will keep playing it for many days. If I play a game, I will keep playing until I reach the highest score.

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