If you are still getting through the 5 stages towards accepting the news that Lee Min Ho is dating Suzy, perhaps this information is too much too soon. But Lee Min Ho was just interviewed in Hong Kong in conjunction with his concert on March 21, right before news broke about his new relationship. The sharp Hong Kong reporter asked such visionary questions as his views and plans towards marriage and even appearing on the We Got Married reality show.

Here it goes:  

Q: Everyone calls you Nanshen (male god.) Do you know why you're so charismatic?

A: I don't even know where I'm charismatic, haha. It's just how people see me, or they've given me the charisma. Perhaps when people see me, they can feel the true feelings that I express from within, and they think of me as a male god.

Q: Whenever you go out for your work, you're always surrounded by fans and staff members. Do you feel inconvenienced?

A: It is a bit inconvenient. Because I'm always with other people, I don't have private times and can't easily do what I really want to do. However, this is not necessarily so bad. I have to stay positive and try to find time to do what I want to do while working at the same time. Actually, whenever I have free time, I usually just sleep, play games, watch movies, see my friends, have a drink. Basically, I do whatever other people do in everyday life. I'm really just an ordinary person. (No, you're not!)

Q. You made a special guest appearance on the Chinese reality show To Have You On This Road that was filming in South Korea. There were 3 married couples on the show. Have you ever imagined yourself in a married life?

A. I got along really well with everyone on that show. I watched the show later and really liked how they enjoyed doing fun things together. If I get married in the future, I want to have a relationship like friends with my other half. It'd be best if we can communicate often. 

Q. There are many reality shows in Korea. If you get the opportunity, would you want to be on Roommate, Real Men, We Got Married, Law of the Jungle, or Grandpas Over Flowers?

A: Any of these shows can let people experience things that happen in real life. If there is an opportunity, Law of the Jungle can let me experience the harsh and difficult situations. If it's We Got Married, I probably would feel nervous but will still highly anticipate it. To me, I'm willing to try anything so that people can see another side of me.

So what have we learned? Lee Min Ho said he's just an ordinary guy who wants some personal free time to do what he wants. When there's a will, there's a way. He found the time to date Suzy and even orchestrated a secret rendezvous with her in London.  

As for his views on marriage, I'm sure you'd all agree with him that it'd be great if the couple can communicate as friends and do fun things together. As for You Got Married, would they let him on the show now that he has a confirmed girlfriend? Would Suzy let him?

If you enjoy Lee Min Ho's work, watch him in the time travel romance Faith:

~ NancyZdramaland

(photo credit: LG)