We think we know Lee Min Ho because we have watched his dramas and interviews, but do we know what he actually thinks of himself? This is the timeline that he drew about his own life. Check out his most ordinary and unforgettable moments as told by himself, including photos taken of him when he was young.

Translation from Star Cast:

“Acting is a job that should give people hope and courage.”

No one can deny that today Lee Min Ho is a top star. Is there anyone who thinks that he became an overnight star through the success of Boys Over Flowers? Yes, his status has been firm since he was 23 years old after starring in Boys over Flowers in 2009, but according to his chart, the secret to his success is that he was already seasoned by a life full of ups and downs long before that.


- Birth

- Up: Future soccer player

- Down: Got an injury (12 years old)

- Flat: Ordinary school life

- Up: Started to act (18 years old)

- Down: High school senior

- Up: Entered a university (20 years old)

- Flat: Challenging auditions, pleasures

- Down: Car accident (20 years old, 1 year)

- Flat: Power of positivity!

- Up: Mackerel Run!

- Up: Experiences from work

- Up: Boys Over Flowers (23 years old)

- Up: Growth, responsibility, and going straight up! Personal taste (24 years old), City Hunter (25 years old), Faith (26 years old), Heirs (27 years old)

- Up: Gangnam Blues (28 years old)

- ?

# The worst event in his life was a car accident when he was 20 years old.

Let’s take a look at Lee Min Ho’s life line. He has been upwardly mobile since BOF, but there were slumps in his past. He chose a car accident as his biggest crisis in 2006 when he was 20 years old. At that time, his thigh bone was broken and his bone shattered. They were big injuries so he had to lie down in a hospital for one year. It was unknown to the public that he actually had a serious diagnosis from his doctor. His injuries were very severe.

We can see his physical pain and heartache demonstrated by the line that reaches to the bottom of his life. He remembered the accident, saying, “It was an event that drew a stroke in my life. I could do nothing, and I was just lying on a bed.”

Lee Min Ho, who prepared to be an actor and dreamed of being an actor since the age of eighteen, watched his friend Jung Il Woo become upwardly mobile though the sitcom Unstoppable High Kick. Before that accident, Lee Min Ho was a rising star who got many auditions and good feedback. He was excited to perform in a sitcom, however, it was canceled due to the accident and everything seemed to crumble. No wonder he thought, "Why me?" because he was just a human. He must have been through a lot of heartache. It is the power of positivity that raised him up again.

Lee Min Ho managed to pull himself up and thought that he couldn’t fall into the bottomless pit again. He kept controlling his mindset through conversations with his family and people around him. He says that The Present by Spencer Johnson was especially a great help to him at that time. He stood up in a calm and orderly way while reading the book, which was about the value of living in the present, not the past or future.

Lee Min Ho in I Don't Know Well (2008)

We can see his positive attitude expressed on his life line. He went on to star in the drama Mackerel Run! after overcoming the car accident. It was unfortunate that the drama finished early with only 8 episodes, but he didn’t say it was a misfortune. He said that he learned a lot from the drama, and that it was a good experience.

# Lee Min Ho finally rises as a star during BOF.

Lee Min Ho, who overcame his serious crisis with a positive attitude, finally starred in Boys Over Flowers, which changed his life forever. The drama began with viewer ratings over 20% within only 3 episodes. Little news stories about Lee Min Ho and the drama became big stories in Korea. There wasn't a CF he was in before he starred in the drama, but after the drama started, within two weeks he got love calls from all over the CF field.

He said, "I have asked, 'What if I didn’t ever star in BOF?". I have thought, "Could I get a main role after only starring in some works as a supporting role?”

Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers (2009)

As we can see on the line, he has grown up to be an actor who now stars in one drama per year, staying at the top. He said that he has learned many responsibilities over the last 5 years. As time went by, he turned twenty seven and now he knows that sometimes his work isn't as fun as when he was young. Now it is hard to concentrate because there are many things that he needs to take care of. However, when he hears that someone gains courage to live by watching one of his dramas, he just feels the power of his job again.

Lee Min Ho was glad to receive a painting from an original writer of City Hunter.

“When I realized that my job can give more hope and courage to others than I expected, my sense of responsibility sprung up. The more popularity and fans I get, the more people there are who I can give hope and courage to, so I think I should try to fulfill it as much as I can.”

He has now chosen a main role in director Yoo Ha’s action movie Gangnam Blues. Acting on the big screen will pose a new challenge for his career.

He proved that he is the top star through Heirs.

He said, "I was a boy who was born in 1996 in Heirs, but I will show you that I can play a man in the movie. I will build up my body and lose fat from my face starting in January, so I think I might look older after I shoot this movie but I want to make people think that Lee Min Ho has a different side."

# Lee Min Ho when he was young. An extraordinary boy.

There are some funny points in his life line. He chose a future soccer player as his first career choice after his birth. It is known that he was a prospect player chosen by Cha Bum Geun’s soccer class, which only soccer geniuses could joined in. He had a strong desire to win, which showed in how much he cried when he lost games. However, he got an injury when he was twelve. His arm was broken during a game. The injury was one reason he quit, but above of all reasons his father wanted him to study rather than play soccer, so he had an ordinary(?) school life after the injury.

Lee Min Ho’s first birthday party

This period was the time in his life that he was most ordinary. However, people suggested that he become an actor when they saw him on the streets several times after entering middle school because of his uncommon appearance. After a few rejections, he decided to be an actor when he was a high school senior.

He entered the Film and Art division of Konkuk University. What he wanted to be was an actor who could move other people’s hearts more than just being a star. While he was majoring in acting, he began in earnest to take on challenging auditions, and he remembers this period with pleasure.

Young Lee Min Ho dreamed of being a soccer player in Cha Bum Geun’s Soccer Class

Lee Min Ho, who has two years until his 30’s, still has the cautious personality that he has had since he stared to act. He said that he will fight fiercely against himself and act well during his 20’s, but he doesn’t want to change himself against his will from other people’s judging eyes.

Lee Min Ho rising as a star.

“I will keep being an actor after I pass my 30’s. There will be many chances to show my naturally changing figure, so I just thought that in 2013 there is no need to try to be more provocative if the public doesn’t want me to be."

Now that you've seen his life line you won’t think he is a star who just dropped from the sky, but you'll know his secret to controlling the weight of the crown called stardom. Now what we want to know about is his future, which Lee Min Ho marked with a question mark. The highs and lows of his line are not what we are curious about. We wonder about the depth of his life, which has grown up step by step and hasn’t been pressed down with the weight of a star.

I knew he spent a few years as an unknown, but I didn’t know about his car accident. When I saw him play the main role with Son Ye Jin in Personal taste, I thought he must have become a star easily because of his role in BOF, but he didn’t. After seeing his life line I feel like I know him even less than before. There are many hidden sides to people and I don’t really know Lee Min Ho, but it nice to learn more. Thank you for not giving up on being an actor, young Lee Min Ho!