Casting for the big upcoming rom-com manga adaptation Playful Kiss (aka Mischievous Kiss) has been a hot topic for the past few weeks--will the male lead go to Kim Hyun Joong? The production house that cast him in Boys Before Flowers is casting this show too... Or maybe the uber-popular Jung Yong Hwa from You're Beautiful? Despite recent reports, Lee Min Ho's name has been officially dropped as a possibility, his management saying that while it's true he was offered the role, he's decided on another project. Kim Hyun Joong's first official step with new management company Keyeast is a special program airing on Japanese cable TV: Everything About Kim Hyun Joong aims to reintroduce the star and groom him for Hallyu superstardom. What do you think of the new poster for Athena? The IRIS spinoff is currently filming in Italy and will start broadcasting this November on Mondays and Tuesdays. Does the new poster say "IRIS-style thriller" or "campy spy action" to you? So Ji Sub's raw emotion at Park Yong Ha's funeral has been widely covered, and a new bit of information was leaked to the press: it turns out that So generously paid for the entire service. When asked about it, he confirmed that the cost had come out of his own pocket, but added "I am curious of how this fact got revealed to the public because only me, Park Yong-Ha’s parents, and my manager knew about this…. I don’t want any further media coverage on this. I just did what I was supposed to do.” Jung Yong Hwa is going to need some strong time management skills. It's been reported that the CN Blue leader's been offered 5 new drama roles (including perhaps Playful Kiss), along with parts in films and musicals. On top of that, he's appearing on We Got Married and of course touring with his band. His managers say that he'll decide on his next role sometime later this year. Finally, now you can replicate the Netflix cue of Koo Hye Seon as the Boys Over Flowers actress reveals her top five Julia Roberts movies.