Asia’s newest power couple Lee Min Ho and Suzy’s love story has finally unveiled. The Dispatch reporter who broke the news of the two shared behind-the-scenes stories about uncovering their relationship.

On April 6, 2015, the cable channel tvN's Release the List interviewed reporter Kim Soo Ji. She said many reporters were curious to see Suzy at the Gangnam Blues VIP conference when there were no known facts about her relationship with the production or actors of the film.

Kim said on covering the two in London, "Many fans recognized Lee Min Ho and Suzy. They left from one place to another one at a time and used staff-only elevators to go on dates," on March 25 on Midnight TV Entertainment.

"When they were alone, they were as lovey-dovey as any other couple," she added. 

According to many reports, Lee Min Ho and Suzy grew close to each other exponentially since the first encounter. Since Lee Min Ho asked Suzy out, they enjoyed many dates around Seoul, taking time from their hectic work schedules. Most Seoul dates took place inside of his car, except one night when they were spotted coming out of a bar. 

On March 23, 2015, Lee Min Ho and Suzy were spotted going into the luxury hotel  Shangri-La and driving around London.

Suzy said after the relationship became a well known fact that she “started to like him after learning that he is a considerate and warm person."

Suzy has previously said in numerous interviews that her Mr. Right type is someone with single eyelids, and she has picked actor Kang Dong Won as her type multiple times.

Lee Min Ho has said his ideal Ms. Right type is someone who is pale with small face, which Suzy perfectly fits.

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