Lee Min Ho has been on a road trip to promote his new movie Bounty Hunters, and because he sings the movie's promotional theme song, wherever he goes, his fans have been singing the lively and high-spirited tune to say hi to him. Take a look at the new music video. Also, find out if the new movie is slated to open in your country.

The song is named "Run" (the Chinese name 奔跑 is more specifically "fast running"). Lee Min Ho joins the popular Chinese duo Yu Quan (pronounced Yu Chuan) to sing the song. He sings in Korean while Chen Yufan and Hu Haiquan, the two singers of Yu Quan, sing in Chinese.

The peppy song has a cheerful message. Some of the lyrics as the song begins are:

Speeding at 70, feeling free and at ease

The Aegean Sea is the destination

Running full force to reach the dream on the other side

We want to travel the world

to see the wonders right in front of us

Waiting for the sunset to dye the sky red

Shoulder to shoulder, we make our wish

Run with the wind, follow freedom

Chase the force of thunder and lightening

Embrace the huge ocean into my heart

Even a tiny sail can fly with the wind

and dream of having wings

Be courageous in love and give it a try

The high wind and waves may be full of danger

We will look forward with tacit understanding

These excited fans in Fuzhou, China, enthusiastically sang the song to welcome Lee Min Ho. Some of them were also shouting to him: "Oppa, you've worked hard."

Bounty Hunters will be officially released starting July 1 in China, England, Australia, and Vietnam, July 14 in Singapore and Malaysia, July 28 in Hong Kong, and August 5 in Taiwan. (When for the USA?)

I'm excited about the new movie. Are you?


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