Lee Min Ho assures everyone that his face is natural.The Heirs heartthrob told the media at the Gangnam Blues press conference today that rumors about his plastic surgery are false.

"I don't worry about suspicions of plastic surgery because I have proof in graduation photos....My face is the type that gets swollen easily. People who don't know jokingly ask me, 'Who beat you?' My face is different in the morning and at night too," he explained. "I didn't try to maintain my looks in the past... I didn't go to the dermatologist for 8-9 months. Now, I go occasionally."

Personally, I never thought Lee's face changed on a regular basis. Netizens made a big deal about how different his nose looked in the 2008 MBC series Get Up

Watch Lee Min Ho in the fun romantic comedy Personal Taste:

Although Photoshop can alter features on a person's face, I believe him. He has one of the most natural-looking faces in entertainment.

Do you agree that Lee was born handsome?

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