What are Minoz to do when their Lee Min Ho not only takes a cute selca, but takes one sticking his tongue out?! Recently on twitter Lee Min Ho posted this super cute selca of himself with his tongue sticking out along with a caption that read “I kept my promise.”

In the photo, Lee Min Ho is seducing his fans in a multitude of ways. First, he's giving puppy-eyed aegyo. Second, he's leaning back on that leather couch to make fans think of "bed." Lastly, his tongue is strategically touching his lips to draw attention to his mouth, which in turn makes people think of sex. That is, of course, according to the genius mind of Clueless character Cher Horowitz.

Lee Min Ho, we're onto your sneaky fan-trapping selca ways!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE