Chinese fans of Lee Min Ho have actively supported earthquake relief by delivering supplies to the victims in Yunnan province, where a devastating earthquake occurred on August 3 resulting in hundreds dead and thousands injured. Lee Min Ho was very touched by their kindness and thanked them with a heartfelt message.

On August 6, Lee Min Ho's agency, Starhaus, announced that members of "Minoz China" fan club delivered relief supplies to the victims of Yunnan province on August 5. The supplies included 300 boxes of instant noodles (3600 packages) and 600 boxes of bottled water (14,400 bottles.) The fans have also initiated a second round of fundraising. In the photo, it showed the banner on their delivery truck saying: 'Earthquake relief supplies from Lee Min Ho relief aid station.'

Lee Min Ho was deeply touched by his fans' relief work, and wrote on his Weibo account that's followed by over 23 million people:

"I'm very grateful and very touched. My fans are helping victims with kindness and love. I'm very proud of all of you. I sincerely hope tragedy won't happen again. Fighting, everyone!"

Lee Min Ho has been a leader in sponsoring charitable causes and encouraging his fans to support. In June he started the Promiz campaign which selected 'water' as this year's theme for giving back. In other charitable actions, his fans in China have donated multiple times in his name to UNICEF. Chinese fans have also established four libraries to help students in poor areas. In Chile, his fans donated hundreds of trees through the 'Reforest Patagonia' campaign and named the trees 'Lee Min Ho Forest.'

(photo credits: Weibo, Sina, Yadea)