Lee Min Ho’s love and dedication to his fans is widely known and shown. In the last couple of weeks, we have seen him send a wreath to a longtime fan’s wedding, and make sure a fallen fan was helped up. On the heels of his fan meeting that took place on February 18 and 19 at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, details on the actor’s latest gesture to his biggest supporters have been released.

To celebrate his 10 year anniversary as an actor and share the “happiness and gratitude he had felt,” Lee will be releasing his first single album in two years entitled “Always.” His agency MYM Entertainment said in the announcement: “It is not ordinary for an actor who is not officially pursuing a singing career to release an album internationally." The lead song, from which the album is titled after, was first performed live at his two fan meetings this past weekend. Unsurprisingly, fan cams have already been uploaded of the ballad song along with other moments from the event. If you can wait to hear it, the album will be available internationally in March.

Lee has released two albums thus far, “My Everything” (2013) and “Song for You” (2014). The last present to fans he gave in the form of music was “The Day” in 2015. His last single was “Run”, featuring Chinese duo Yu Quan, from the Chinese-Korean co-produced movie he starred in, Bounty Hunters (2016). Watch the music video for that song below!

Photo credit: MYM Entertainment

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