Lee Min Ho expresses his gratitude for the farewell gifts that his fans presented as the last episode of Heirs is coming closer to reality. In order to lessen the grief, many of Lee Min Ho's international fan clubs have sent over various gift baskets and presents to show their thankfullness for the actor and all the staff members of the drama.

One of the banners that the fans have made reads: "For the last 65 days, we were happy to be with Tan." And as a response to all the gifts and love from his fans, Lee Min Ho promised, "I've always felt this but the reason why I exist is because of my fans. Until the last shooting, I will put all my energy into showing the best of Kim Tan."

As signs of affection, Lee Min Ho fan clubs have sent various farewell presents such as snacks, drinks, and even thick jackets to keep the actor warm while shooting out in the cold. In addition, they have sent over lunch boxes enough for 150 staff members working for the drama.