Loving your favorite K-drama stars is good for your health! Gangnam Blues actor Lee Min Ho has a very different take on love and relationships. In a recent interview, the handsome star was asked about breaking up, platonic friendships between men and women, and if having a crush can relieve stress.

He believes breaking up should be a mutual agreement: "I believe breaking up should also be done mutually. I have never had a one-way break up.” The Heirs star continued with his philosophy that it's impossible for men and women to be just friends unless they dated first and built a friendship over time. 

Last but not least, he agrees that loving someone can relieve stress. "That’s true. Liking someone and having fluttering emotions could be a way to naturally relieve stress that comes from hard and tiring work," he said.

"I would just like to have a one-sided love."

Fall in love with Lee Min Ho with the romantic comedy Personal Taste:

Most unrequited crushes frustrate you to no end. I don't see how a one-sided attraction can relieve stress unless you are 12 years old. Even then, you are left utterly heartbroken if the one you love doesn't return your love. On the other hand, has Lee ever really experienced true unrequited love? 

What is your take on this natural stress reliever?

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