leeminho Actor Lee Min Ho will be releasing his first album, My Everything, in response to the numerous requests from his fans. Prior to its release, the actor gifted us with an adorable album cover where he is showing off his business casual image with a mischevious, child-like smirk all in one photo. The purpose of the album was not a singer's debut but rather something the actor made especially for his fans as a part of his exceptional fan service. One of the top actors in the state, the actor went gone to full lengths to make the album for his fans, and it was reported that he is working with top producers and photographers. An associate from his agency commented, "We wanted to show a whole different image of the actor so he can connect in a much more comfortable setting hoping that the fans can become happy while listening to his songs. The album concept is 'communication with fans.'" The album will include a total of seven songs including the title track, "My Everything," a  heartfelt love song that the actor had sung for the hit drama Boys Over Flowers, and much more. The genre of these songs will vary from British rock to country jazz, electronic rock, and even modern rock. My Everything will be released on the 22nd on various music sites and make its way into the stores on the 24th. Check out My Everything sung by Lee Min Ho if you haven't already! What do you think of Lee Min Ho's incredible fan service? Tell us below! (Source: News Nate)