We now know Lee Min Ho went to Rome for work, not just to post selfies to Instagram. When the world famous chocolatier Ferrero Rocher decided on a new campaign, it set its eye on the handsome Korean star with an international presence. See the photos and find out more about the ad campaign from Lee Min Ho's Roman holiday.

The ad campaign is reportedly to start in mid-October, with the first ad titled "Italian Flair." It's also been reported that the first ads will be shown in Korea and Taiwan. A teaser is expected to start on October 12, followed by a series of commercials timed with the upcoming holidays.

The initial photos for the ad reveal the Hallyu star getting ready for a romantic date. He rides on a scooter and picks up a red rose and a box of Ferrero Rocher's chocolates with the Roman street scenes and sights in the background. He even wears a chocolate-colored tie to match the chocolates.

It's probably no accident that the scooter is the Vespa scooter which gained worldwide fame when Gregory Peck rode it around with Audrey Hepburn in the American movie classic Roman Holiday.

“Global star Lee Min Ho fits in well with the premium image of Ferrero Rocher. During the commercial shoot, he conveyed our selected theme of Italian Flair with composed and professional attitude unique to him,” said Ferrero Rocher executive, Luigi Mirri. 

Mirri added, “Selecting Lee Min Ho as our model shows The Ferrero Group’s continued interest in the Korean market."

The Ferrero Rocher chocolates are famous for having a whole roasted hazel nut inside. For all the Minoz fans, it's more than guaranteed that from now on when we take a bite of the golden Ferrero Rocher chocolates, we'll be thinking of Lee Min Ho.

And it'll be just in time for the gift-giving holiday season!

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