Just last week Lee Min Ho captured the attention of his adoring fans when he went above and beyond to make a fan’s wedding day extra special, however, Mr. Right is at it again! When Lee Min Ho arrived in Thailand he proved to all those looking on (both at the airport and online) just how much he truly cares for the well being of his fans...literally putting them before his own safety! Just what happened and how did Lee Min Ho take on the role of the White Knight?! Keep reading and find out!

While Lee Min Ho has taken on many roles convincingly portraying pompous and arrogant (at least at first) characters, he constantly reminds us that what we see on the screen is just brilliant acting. In fact, many fans and on lookers alike have no choice but to admit that he is perhaps one of the most caring celebrities to grace the small screen!

Recently another one of Lee Min Ho’s selfless acts of caring and kindness has grabbed the attention of fans all over the world as he put himself in danger in order to help out a fan when she fell in a huge crowd that gathered to greet Lee Min Ho at a Thai airport!

As you can see below, there was a major crowd of fans waiting for Lee Min Ho to arrive in Thailand. The crowd of fans created a literal wall of people  making it hard for Lee Min Ho’s security team to secure the star.


As Lee Min Ho made his way to exit -- trailed by a mass of eager fans -- he notices one of his fans fall in front of the oncoming mass of people. 

Worried for the fan's safety and despite his security guard trying to pull him along, Min Ho stopped in his tracks and refuses to keep going until she is helped up and security made sure she was uninjured.


Before leaving the airport Lee Min Ho even took the time to accept a flower from a fan and wave goodbye to everyone who came out to see him. 


In what could have become a terrible situation...Lee Min Ho's kindness towards others seems to knows no bounds! 

What did you think about Lee Min Ho's actions at the airport? Let us know below!


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