From Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Over Flowers to Lee Yoon Sung in City HunterLee Min Ho has played a variety of characters, each with their own unique hairstyle. I've combed through Lee Min Ho's K-drama projects and pulled out his most memorable looks to share with you all. Which ones are your favorites?

1. Boys Over Flowers

So iconic. Who can forget this wonderful Lee Min Ho hairstyle? While maybe not the most flattering look, it certainly made the right impression! This role catapulted Lee Min Ho to stardom and captured the hearts of viewers around the world. Now that's what I can a success perm!

2. City Hunter

I absolutely love this look on Lee Min Ho! It really frames his face well and helps to create a very flattering persona. I'd love to see Lee Min Ho try a similar look again in a future project.

And let's also not forget how sexy he looks in glasses... 

3. Secret Campus

Secret Campus was one of Lee Min Ho's first dramas from back in 2006. While not his best look, you have to admit the messy student style still really suits him! 

4. Faith

Faith is Lee Min Ho's only historical drama, and it showcases a much different hairstyle from any of his other projects. His mane of glory goes through two phases during the show: 

a. Rough and Messy

b. Cleaned Up Version 

Which one do you prefer? I'm partial to the cleaned up style myself. 

5. Mackerel Run

Here's another glimpse at a much younger Lee Min Ho. These photos were taken on the set of this mini drama in 2007, the first of three high school dramas for Lee Min Ho in that year.

It's a little long in the back, but overall not too shabby!

6. Personal Taste

After City Hunter, this is one of my all-time favorite drama hairstyles on Lee Min Ho. Since this was his first post-Boys Over Flowers role, I thought the hairstyle change really suited his shift to a more mature character. He also looked fantastic, but that shouldn't surprise you at all!

7. I Am Sam

Awwww. I can totally see Goo Joon Pyo just waiting to get out! This is another one of Lee Min Ho's pre-Boys Over Flower roles from 2007. 

8. Get Up

Doesn't Lee Min Ho look adorable? I think this may be my favorite of his young high school looks!

9. Heirs

And last but not least is Lee Min Ho's most recent role as Kim Tan in Heirs. He plays it pretty safe with a well groomed haircut, which is a good fit for his character's upper class persona. The hair may look good, but you'd think with all his money, Kim Tan could have bought some better looking sweaters!

But let's be honest, this may be the best Lee Min Ho hair pictures out there! 

Bonus: Gangnam Blues

While not a K-drama, Lee Min Ho switches up his hairstyle for his most mature role yet! I can't wait to see him in this latest role.

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Do you have a favorite Lee Min Ho hairstyle? Which ones do you like the least? What other hairstyles would you like to see Lee Min Ho try?

Please share your thoughts below!

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