Lee Min Ho's new movie, Bounty Hunters, is scheduled to premier on July 1. The thrilling action film has released these new posters that are sure to generate more excitement among fans. We also have an updated release schedule for international viewers!

The highly anticipated movie stars Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung, Tiffany Tang, Lous Fan, Karena Ng, and Jeremy Jones Xu, who play highly-skilled bounty hunters specializing in pursuing fugitives in China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Thailand. 

1. Lee Min Ho plays Yi San, the bounty hunter who is quick on action and gets the job done.

2. Wallace Chung (Chung Hon Leung) plays A-Yo, who is good at planning.

3. Tiffany Tang (Tang Yan) plays Wonder Woman Cat. She is said to have a romantic fling with Lee Min Ho's character.

4. Louis Fan plays Bao Bao.

5. Karena Ng plays Swan.

6. Jeremy Jones Xu (Xu Zheng Xi) plays Tommy. You probably don't recognize him as the imperial minister who fell for a young woman who became The Virtuous Queen of Han.

7. Tiffany Tang gives off a different feel in this poster.

8. Wallace Chung taking the lead here.

9. Here is Lee Min Ho looking very dapper.

10. This is a very nice group poster, with Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung flanking Tiffany Yan.

Aren't these posters great? (You can also take a look at previously released stills HERE.)

And when can fans see the movie?

Lee Min Ho's agency MYM Entertainment just released an updated list of opening dates as follows:

July 1, 2016       :    China, England, Australia, Vietnam

July 14, 2016     :    Singapore, Malaysia

July 28, 2016     :    Hong Kong

August 5, 2016  :    Taiwan

Let's hope they keep updating the list with more countries!

Are you excited about the new movie?


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