Japan has faith in Lee Min Ho. Even though the historical drama Faith aired in 2012 in South Korea, Japan is awarding it the Best Korean Drama Award at the GyaO Entertainment Awards 2014. After being shown overseas, international fans fell in love with Lee Min Ho's portrayal of Choi Young. 

“Lee Min Ho’s popularity and the word spreading that Faith was a drama with a theme that Japanese people would like brought on a wave of repeated viewership," a representative from a Korean drama content supplier said. 

Gyao is a Yahoo Japan! owned video steaming website. Eighty percent of their video sharing market is through that site. The series competed against domestic and fellow international films based on the number of sales it made over the course of a year. The series received the coveted award during the awards ceremony in Tokyo on Tuesday. 

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Faith was about a time-traveling warrior who searches for a doctor in the 21st century who can cure his Queen. Actress Kim Hee Sun also stars in the 24-episode saga.

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Congratulations to the cast and crew of Faith! In case you missed it when it first aired, you can watch the drama below: