Lee Min Ho's upcoming movie Gangnam 1970 (Gangnam Blues) has released new posters and a trailer. We are pleased to show a completely English-subbed trailer. The new posters are also very compelling, showing the major characters and a critical fighting scene in the movie. 

The new trailer gives us more insight into the story about the period drama. Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won are two friends who turn against each other as they were swept up in the struggles over the development of Gangnam during the 1970s. 

Kim Rae Won plays Baek Yong Ki, friend and later foe and competitor to Lee Min Ho's Kim Jong Dae in the struggle to control Gangnam.

See Kim Rae Won as a prosecutor who only has months to live in the powerful melodrama Punch:

Veteran actor Jung Jin Young plays Kang Kil Su, a former gang boss who becomes a father-like figure to Lee Min Ho's Kim Jong Dae.

Girl Group AOA's Seolhyun (Kim Seol Hyun) plays Kang's teenage daughter, who is like a sister to Kim Jong Dae.

Here is the most recent poster showing the climactic fighting scene:

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