Lee Min Ho's upcoming movie Gangnam Blues has been renamed Gangnam 1970 to better reflect the time and setting for the gritty period drama. The production has also just released official posters for the new movie, and the movie will premiere in November in Korea. We also have the latest updates on release dates, including the movie's press conference that Lee Min Ho is expected to attend.

Gangnam in 1970, the land of desires:

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I will have as much land as I want:

Soldiers and gangsters must fall in line:

The posters, combined with the recently released trailer, continue to draw the interest and anticipation among fans and cinema lovers for the upcoming movie's release.

The current dates related to Gangnam 1970 are as follows:

October 28 - Director Yoo Ha and actors Kim Rae Won and Lee Min Ho will appear at Gangnam 1970's press conference in Megabox Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea. Reportedly Lee Min Ho will actively participate in the movie's promotion.

Late November - Movie premieres in South Korea. (I have seen November 27 mentioned, but it's not officially stated yet. Lee Min Ho himself said during his Beijing tour that it will be by the end of November.)

December 11 - Singapore.

December 19 - Vietnam.

(When will it come to the United States and the rest of the world?)

What do you think about the new posters? Are you interested in watching Gangnam 1970?

View the initial teaser stills HERE.

Watch the official Gangnam 1970 / Gangnam Blues trailer HERE.

(photos and poster translation: soompi, zinnia)