It has been confirmed that the movie, Gangnam 1970, will not be released until January 2015. The movie was originally scheduled to premier in South Korea in November this year. The press conference that was scheduled for October 28 is also put off due to the new release date. How will the change impact Lee Min Ho's own schedule?

Showbox, in charge of distributing the movie, disclosed through a statement on October 24, "Gangnam 1970 has changed its premiere date to January of next year. We changed the premiere to January to safely meet many more viewers because it is the peak time in the market." Lee Min Ho's agency, Starhaus, also confirmed the delay in Gangnam 1970's release on October 24.

Gangnam 1970 is directed by Yoo Ha and stars Kim Rae Won and Lee Min Ho. The gritty period drama portrays the conflicts between two friends who became embroiled in their ambitions and desires during the time of unprecedented real estate growth in Gangnam, Seoul, in the 1970s.

Lee Min Ho was originally slated to appear at the October 28 press conference for Gangnam 1970 and to start active promotional activities for the movie. He continues to be busy with his "RE: MINHO 2014" tour as well as other promotional events. 

Now that he has more "free" time, will the tour be able to schedule more appearances in places that have been clamoring for Lee Min Ho? He's mentioned in previous interviews that he receives many scripts and will consider a new drama or even another movie for 2015. We fans would certainly prefer another drama series where we can see much more of Lee Min Ho. Or, will he take a well deserved long vacation? Whether for work or pleasure, please consider coming to the USA or somewhere east of the Pacific Ocean, pretty please?

(photos: Gangnam 1970, LMH tour)