If you went to bed wishing for Lee Min Ho's new movie Gangnam Blues would be shown internationally soon, your wish (and mine) has been granted. GB is coming to North American countries, including Canada and the USA! Here is a current list for the international release of Gangnam Blues. These dates are slated soon after Gangnam 1970 (Korean title) premieres on January 21 in South Korea. The cover image here is from the newest poster for the movie.

Remember when we previously learned about the theater venue change, and it was speculated that the change increased the odds of Gangnam Blues coming to the US? I don't want to scream yet until I see more details, but here is the current list of dates and countries for Gangnam Blues's release:

Jan. 29 - Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam

Jan. 30 -  Taiwan

Jan. 31 -  China

Feb. 5  -  Hong Kong, Thailand

Feb. 6  - Canada, USA

According to the film's distributor Showbox Mediaplex, which just released the above information on January 13, the film is also scheduled to premiere in Malaysia and Indonesia in mid-February.

The news also reported that Gangnam Blues will have select screenings in major North American cities like Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Watch Kim Rae Won of Gangnam Blues in the current drama Punch:

What we need to know next is a list of exact theater locations. And, can I just add a tiny wish that Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won can come to North America to promote the gritty movie about the fierce struggles over Gangnam's real estate development in the 1970s? Pretty please?

Can you stay calm after reading about these new dates? 

~ NancyZdramaland

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