Lee Min Ho's agency MYM Entertainment finally announced the details of his military enlistment, which, unfortunately for all of his fans, is quickly approaching!

MYM Entertainment revealed that Lee Min Ho, "will serve as a public service officer regardless of whenever he decides to begin his military service." The agency also went on to hint that Lee Min Ho's enlistment might not be too far off stating, "We are looking at early next year.”

Due to Lee Min Ho's history of car accidents and physical injuries, Lee Min Ho will be enlisted as a public service officer instead of an active duty solider for his mandatory service. In 2006, Lee Min Ho was involved in a serious car accident, hurting his leg and requiring screws to be put in to help along the healing process. While the screws were subsequently removed when they were deemed to be interfering with Lee Min Ho's movement during certain actions scenes, the past injury was enough to influence his military assignment.

Furthermore, in 2011, when Lee Min Ho was filming for City Hunter, he was involved in another car accident that left half of the vehicle destroyed. 

(accident from City Hunter)

Due to such medical history, at the time of the physical examination to determine fitness for service, it was decided that Lee Min Ho was best suited to serve his mandatory service as a public service officer.

Lee Min Ho is currently expected to appear on an SBS drama at the end of this year, which will most likely be his last before enlisting.

Good luck, Lee Min Ho!

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