Do you prefer your man with or without a mask? Whenever Lee Min Ho appears in the airport, he is scrutinized from head to toe by photographers and fans. Take a look at our new collection of photos from his recent appearance in a mask looking like his City Hunter days. (I detect a smile under the mask in this photo. What do you think?)

Even though Lee Min Ho's handsome features were partially hidden under a mask, his adoring fans have no trouble recognizing the popular actor. Complemented by a black safari jacket, simple white t-shirt, black pants, and casual black sandals, Lee Min Ho and his black mask instantly caused a stir among fans when the photos started appearing online.

An adoring fan even drew a very artistic portrait of him:

It's possible he was wearing a mask because there is a MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak in South Korea now, but fans certainly can't help but recall Lee Min Ho's popular City Hunter drama, where he wore a mask for disguise. Will he wear a mask in his new Bounty Hunters movie?

He wore the mask at the Incheon airport when he was flying to Shanghai, China, for the Bounty Hunters press conference on June 14. On the return trip the next day, he wore sunglasses but without the mask. He continued his clean and neat attire in a simple white shirt over navy blue pants and a pair of white sneakers.

Which Lee Min Ho do you prefer: with or without a mask?

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