Lee Min Ho's new movie Bounty Hunters is ready for release. The popular star attended the movie's press conference in Beijing on April 13. We have photos and videos from the event, and we also have the exciting trailer filled with thrilling action. Check it out!

The press conference event for Bounty Hunters was named 一諾千金, literally translated as "A promise is worth a thousand pieces of gold," which means, "A promise is forever."

As promised, here is the action-filled trailer:

Guess what! We also have the full video of the press conference, although it isn't subtitled. I'll do my best to point out interesting tidbits.

For Lee Min Ho fans, you can go straight to time code 23:33 when he enters the stage.

Did you notice that Lee Min Ho switched places with co-star Tiffany Tang (Tang Yan)? He originally was placed in the center, accompanied by Tiffany Tang on one side and Wallace Chung on the other, but he moved to the side so that Tiffany would stand in the center. He's a true gentleman!

Lee Min Ho and famous Hong Kong singer-actor Wallace Chung play brothers in Bounty Hunters. Lee Min Ho explained that Wallace's character does the planning, and his character carries out the plan and has a lot of action scenes. He also said his fight scene with Cat, played by Tiffany, was the first time he had a fight scene with an actress, and both of them felt nervous and practiced a lot. But he added that they also joked a lot while practicing fights.

Wallace said the car chases were particularly memorable. He also praised Lee Min Ho for studying hard at his Chinese pronunciation. Lee Min Ho surprised everyone by speaking Chinese in their first scene together.

The two "male gods" were asked to pose in a variety of moods for the photographers. 

Aren't they cute?

South Korean director Shin Tae Ra, well-known for movies My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent and Runway Cop, said he was very pleased with the new movie and the actors' performances. The film also co-stars Karena Ng and Louis Fan.

Bounty Hunters is scheduled to be released in early June in China.

Are you excited?


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