Fans have been clamoring to hear an Heirs’ OST sung by Lee Min Ho, and their wish has finally come true. The Heirs’ new OST Painful Love sung by Lee Min Ho will be released today, on December 4 (Korea) in online music stores. Some parts of that song’s sad lyrics have been revealed, and it raises a sense of expectancy in the fans. It seems to be about the love story of Kim Tan and Eun Sang.

I want to forget you and live, but I can do nothing without you. How many times do I need to desert myself? (or how many times do you need to desert me?) Can you hear my heart sobbing in sorrow? I want to embrace you madly. I can’t stand it without you.

Lee Min Ho released his special album My Everything previously, and he has now recorded his voice for the OST of Heirs. On December 3 (Korea), Starhaus Entertainment announced that Lee Min Ho will be singing part 9 of the Heirs’ OST as a new theme song for Kim Tan. The company explained that Painful Love is described as a ballad that combines the sounds of Piano, drum and guitar for an emotional melody, which expresses the feelings of a man who only has his eyes locked on one girl. And the lyrics describe the emotions of a man who is willing to give up everything for the woman he loves.

There are only 4 episodes of Heirs left. I will post the new song ASAP so that we can all be consoled by Lee Min Ho’s sweet voice.