Lee Min Ho's fundraising platform, PROMIZ, recently won an award from Korea Good Brand. Why did the 29 year-old actor set up the charity platform, and how did PROMIZ win the high honor?

Lee Min Ho is one of the many actors who has used his/her celebrity status to reach out to fans to raise social awareness and to help important causes. In his case, he had a personal brush with a terrible car crash that suspended his acting career for a year when he was in his early 20s. The experience made him realize the importance of a "support system" that could be there when people needed it the most.

During his interview with inquirer.net, Lee Min Ho talked about how PROMIZ was started in 2014, "So, together with my fans, I created a donation platform called PROMIZ two years ago. Whatever profit we make from a project, we would donate to a certain cause or contribute to an organization. PROMIZ closely monitors how its contributions are used because transparency is essential in making donations."

Lee Min Ho also starred in short films to promote PROMIZ, such as this one:

True to its mission, PROMIZ has made significant contributions to organizations such as Charity:Water, Holt International Children's Service, and, most recently, UNICEF Korea during the last two years. The 50 million Won contributed to UNICEF Korea on World Water Day, March 22, helped purchase water purification tablets for some 520,000 children to drink clean water and to avoid waterborne diseases from dirty water.

According to Lee Min Ho's agency, MYM Entertainment, PROMIZ has donated a total of 350 million Won in cash and 50 million Won in items so far.

The name PROMIZ came from the words "Promise" and Lee Min Ho's fan club "Minoz." 

The Hallyu star's fans are located all around the world, not just in Asia. Many of these fans are attracted to the handsome actor not just for his charms but also for his exemplary leadership as a role model for positive changes in life. Many fans have responded to PROMIZ to support charitable projects, and some fan clubs have also initiated their own local projects to perform good deeds.

Lee Min Ho said, “My goal is to change perception about giving money for charity. Many people still think that this is only for the rich. I used to think like this too, but it isn’t true. Just begin by donating the smallest amount you can afford to donate. You’ll soon realize how easy it is to support worthy causes.”

It's no wonder that PROMIZ won the Korea Good Brand Award, as announced on May 26:

Even more importantly, you can believe that PROMIZ and Lee Min Ho will keep on moving forward to continue the work for good causes!

Have you ever made a contribution for a social cause because of your favorite actor? Let us know below!



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