"Hello everyone :)  This is Lee Min Ho. As you all know already, I always wanted to return your love to others in need and change the world. So, PROMIZ was born...." So begins this letter from actor Lee Min Ho to fans and supporters for his charity action campaign, Promiz, which on September 24 announced it made a US$50,000 donation to its first water project.

We are pleased to report the news that Lee Min Ho's Promiz foundation has donated $50,000 to Charity: Water, a non-profit organization on a mission to end the water crisis. Read Lee Min Ho's letter posted on charitywater.org explaining the donation and the benefited project:

"Hello everyone :)

This is Lee Min Ho. As you all know already, I always wanted to return your love to others in need and change the world. So, PROMIZ was born.

PROMIZ means a lot to me in a way that you and I can share more about each other and spread our love to people who need our great love and help.

Since the first day of PROMIZ, you have showed me your great passion and full support for the donation project, 100,000 KNOCK, and here we are finally gathering your donation, and fund the water project through charity: water!

Water is the beginning of our lives. However, there are so many people without any access to clean water whereas we just take it granted. So, I have chosen "water" to be our first project of sharing your love and passion.

I am proud and very excited that your support of $50,000 will be used to build a water fountain in Malawi to provide villagers with fresh water and better quality of life.

As it is just our first step to spread your love to others, I could not have done this without you. If you feel like you want to make more donation, please click "DONATE NOW" button and it will guide you how to do it.

Don't forget, it's YOU who make the big difference, and I sincerely thank you for giving me such meaningful opportunity to share your love with others.

I hope that you continue your support for PROMIZ project and dedication to our upcoming events.

Always thank you.

with love


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* 100,000 KNOCK project : Join us at www.pmz2014.com/knock/ Your registration will automatically donate 100KRW to PROMIZ.

* Anything you purchase from PMZ MARKET 1.0 will have a good cause and could save lives of others. Visit us at www.pmz2014.com/shop/

To donate to Charity: Water, visit https://my.charitywater.org/leeminho

Read more about Lee Min Ho's PROMIZ here.