Lee Min Ho's charity-action campaign, Promiz, has released a new video. We haven't heard from Promiz for a while ever since it announced a significant donation to its first water project in September. The new video is called "Miracle."

In June this year, Lee Min Ho announced Promiz, a charity-action campaign that gives back by selecting a theme every year. Water is the theme that Promiz has chosen for its 2014 campaign.The Promiz website provides a donation platform for people to make contributions. In September, Promiz announced it made a US$50,000 donation for its first water project to Charity: Water, a non-profit organization on a mission to end the water crisis.

The English-subbed new film is called "Miracle" as it reminds us how precious water is to all of us and how critically it is needed by those who can't get water easily. It begins with Lee Min Ho jogging and then stopping to take a sip of water:

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I'm really impressed that Lee Min Ho is using his influential star power to encourage his fans to care about subjects outside of fandom. Of course the donation is on a voluntary basis, and anyone who cares about water as a resource doesn't have to be a Lee Min Ho fan to make a donation. Bravo to Lee Min Ho and Promiz.