Taiwanese reporters are really good at asking  Lee Min Ho very personal questions in a very nice way. I, of course, will have to do my public duty to translate what Lee Min Ho has so warmly shared about his inner self. Here is the most recent video where Lee Min Ho was interviewed by Taiwan's CTV channel. There is also a fast Q&A that's a lot of fun. Let's find out about his favorite dessert, where he wants a massage on his body, and which character is the closest to the real Lee Min Ho.

CTV Interview - September 23, 2014  

Caption: "Man God answers every question. Signature laugh is clear and super charming."

(Notice that Lee Min Ho is sitting in one of those  OSIM massage chairs for the interview.)

CTV: You often hear people telling you that you are handsome, charming, and good looking. How do you feel about it?

LMH: Hmm... (laughs) I have heard a lot of praise. It makes me feel happy. I've always felt blessed and thankful.

00:24 - If you are not in a good mood, what would you do?

LMH: Uh... If I'm feeling down, with a lot of stress, I would usually sleep for a long while. There isn't any special stress-relieving method due to my hectic schedule. I can only try to sleep as much as I can.

00:48 - (Narrator: It turned out that the Man God's solution to stress is to sleep and eat desserts.)

LMH: I love sweets, so when I'm tired, I would want to eat sweets like chocolate sorbet or chocolate dessert. I would also turn up the music's volume.

01:05 - (Narrator: The next question actually made Lee Min Ho shy and laugh non-stop. What was the question?)

01:10 -  All over Oppa's body from head to toe, where do you most need a massage?  

LMH: (covers his mouth laughing and looking shy) About personal habits... that seems so... (laughs aloud)

(It took a second to steady himself...)

LMH: It depends on the situation. My legs would be sore if I've walked a lot or have filmed action scenes, and I would need to massage my thighs and calves. If I'm extra tired or stressed out, I would probably want my neck to be massaged.

01:46 - (Video cuts to an excerpt from Heirs)

Kim Tan: Do I like you? ...I still want to hug you now. Am I crazy?

01:50 - (Narrator: We have prepared a fast Q&A for Lee Min Ho's fans to see what he's like away from the camera.)

01:58 - Fast Q&A begins:

Q: What's the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

A:  Brush teeth.

Q: What do you want to eat now?

A:  Milk tea.

Q:  How many hours do you usually sleep in a day?

A:  7 hours.

(She seems surprised, and LMH laughs.)

Q:  Does your ideal type have to be 170 cm tall or more?  (That's about 5 ft. 7 in.)

A:  It doesn't matter.

Q: What is the one thing that you can't live without?

A:  Computer.

Q:  Do you cook at home?

A:  No. Never. (laughs out loud)  (This could also mean that he can't cook.)

02:32 - (Narrator: After saying he doesn't cook and needs the computer to live, he actually wanted more of the fast Q&A.)

LMH: Is there more? I want to continue!

(The interview continues about which character he's played that is the closest to the real LMH.)

02:43 - (Heirs excerpt) Kim Tan: Can you push forward that girl whose kidney looks healthy?

02:47 - (Narrator: Having mostly played a rich handsome heir. Lee Min Ho said there's a little bit of him in every role.)

LMH: There seems to be a little of my own characteristic in every character I've played. Despite differences in profession and personality, I can't even tell you which character is the most similar to me. In every role, there seems to hide a little of the real me.

03:16 - (Heirs' excerpt where Kim Tan was telling Cha Eun Sang not to answer a call from Choi Young Do, leading to a memorable kissing scene.)

03:26 - (Narrator: Lee Min Ho has visited Taiwan 7 times, and he always tries to warm up his shy fans with his openness and super charming eyes. Can he speak some sweet Chinese to charm his fans?)

03:39 - (He's covering his mouth and laughing again...) 

LMH: That seems a little difficult. (laughs)

LMH: (in Chinese) "Wo Ai Ni Men. Ni Heng Piao Liang."  (I love you all. You are very pretty.)  

LMH: (in Chinese) "Ni Zheng Ban." (You're great!)

03:50 - (Narrator: In addition to these basic phrases for Oppa, the interviewer decided to give him some advanced ones.)

03:55 - LMH learning to say: "Qing Ai De, Lei Le Ma?"  (Honey, are you tired?)

04:10 - LMH learning to say: "Wo Ban Ni An Mo Ba?" (Can I give you a massage?) (laughing and saying it's too difficult)

04:18 - (Narrator: Even though he kept saying it was too difficult, at the end of the interview when the interviewer asked him to speak a few words to the audience, Oppa actually...)

04:25 - 

LMH: (in Chinese) "Qing Ai De, Lei Le Ma?" (Honey, are you tired?)  (He has good memory.)

LMH: (laughing again) Bye!

CTV: Please say a few words to CTV's viewers.

LMH: That was an interview with me, Lee Min Ho. Until we see each other again, I wish you health and happiness.

LMH: (in Chinese) "Wo Ai Ni Men. Zai Jian."  (I love you all. Bye bye.)

The above was a very cute interview. Subsequently, the narrator said that during Lee Min Ho's fan-meet, he accidentally said he was going to visit Taiwan again by the end of the year. (Wouldn't that be part of the RE:MINHO Global Tour?) But he was stopped by someone off-stage at that time, and there is yet no confirmation of the future visit. I've read the comments to the Global Tour article, and I understand many fans would like him to come to countries outside of Asia. As you see, he couldn't even say openly if Taiwan is on the schedule. So let's hope that as the 'officials' reveal the tour schedule, you'll find your country or city on the list.

It's obvious that Lee Min Ho's personal charm is super strong on and off the screen. He is genuinely warm and approachable.

Did you enjoy that interview? Would you like some more? How far would you travel to a city on his tour if he can't come to yours?