Happy Birthday, Lee Min Ho! The handsome actor turns 30 (or 29 in American age) on June 22. He rose to fame in Boys Over Flowers and has followed up with popular dramas and the new movie Bounty Hunters to be released on July 1. The Hallyu star with many millions of global fans is also in demand for product endorsements. Take a look at some of his most strikingly handsome ads here.

There are obviously more than 10 brands that are endorsed by Lee Min Ho. These are selected because of how they present his unique charms and image. If you don't find your favorite Lee Min Ho ad in this list, please post in the comments section below.

1. Eider sportswear 

Lee Min Ho has been a spokesperson for Eider since 2011, and there are many, many adorable ads and commercials. 

2. Ferrero Rocher chocolates

When the world famous Italian chocolatier Ferrero Rocher decided on a new campaign, it set its eye on the handsome Korean star with an international presence. 

3. Jeju Air

With Lee Min Ho looking like a handsome pilot, who wouldn't want to try out South Korea's Jeju Air? Although the airlines has rotated its spokesperson to another Korean star, these ads are truly unforgettable.

4. Samsonite Red

Lee Min Ho injected a fresh new image to a well-known brand, and helped set a new sales record.

5. Promiz

Lee Min Ho also stars in ads to benefit his charity platform, Promiz. It makes sense to introduce and encourage his huge fanbase to appreciate social responsibility. No wonder Promiz won Korea's Good Brand Award this year.

6. Luwak White Koffie

This Indonesian coffee brand is a new endorsement, and many people have become aware of the specialty coffee because of Lee Min Ho.

7. Lotte Duty Free

Lottee Duty Free loves Lee Min Ho so much that he is on their print ads, commercials, and in their family concert too!

8. Korean Tourism

Lee Min Ho's power in marketing new products and influencing decisions has led to the star being invited to film commercials to promote Korean tourism, and these ads have achieved fantastic results with the leading ad registering over 37 million views on Youtube. He has also been appointed honorary ambassador for the "Korea Visit Years" program as well as the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

9. Kumho tires

Did you know tires can get hot? Lee Min Ho looks particularly hot and sexy in these ads. 

10. Romanson watches:

Frankly, I don't know if people who look at this striking photo can notice anything or anyone else but Lee Min Ho!

Did you realize you could spend the day being surrounded by all the products endorsed by Lee Min Ho

His adoring fans couldn't be more than delighted!

Perhaps the most important brand is Lee Min Ho's own. He has said that the time he spent recuperating after a terrible car crash was life-changing and motivated him to live a purpose-driven life. As he said during an interview, "For many people, the age of 20 is when they first reach adulthood and it's a time full of ideals and dreams. But when I was 20, a lot of misfortune came along. I spent a year in the hospital and couldn't move, and I was forced to think a lot. The perception I formed at that time became the sustaining foundation for me to continue to quietly persist and never be self-satisfied."

We would like to convey our best wishes to the actor who has taken his success to the next level.

Happy Birthday, Lee Min Ho! 


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